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N818CK -Maintenance Authorizations - Fleet Campaign Directives
Fus#: 361   S/N#: 45961    Date Mfg: May 1968  Eff. Code: AZ020   MDL: 62F

Flight Operating Manual (FOM)
Date of issue 24-MAR-00

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Intro - Notice of Name Change & Revision Record Sheet (75k)
Bulletins - (332k pdf)
List of Effective Pages - (187k)
Table of Contents - (18k)
Limitations - (667k)
Normal Operating Procedures (3,396k)
Emergency and Abnormal Procedures (3,806k)
Performance Procedures-Planning (664k)
Performance DC-8-50 w/ JT3D-3B Engines (1,305k)
804CK Standard Wing (123k)
Performance DC-8-61 w/ JT3D-3B Engines (1,137k)
Performance DC-8-63 (1,313k)
Performance DC-8-62 w/ JT3D-3B Engines (805k)
Performance DC-8-71 (838k)
Performance DC-8-62 w/JT3D-7 (1,000k)
Maneuvers and Training (1,695k)
Appendix A - 1 Engine INOP Ferry (405k)