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Associate DER Services Structures


  • Aircraft Structures / Systems Design and Modifications
  • Airframe Structural Repair Design
  • FAA Project Coordination
  • FAA DER (Designated Engineering Representative) Approvals
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) AUTO CAD Rel 2000 / Autodesk Inventor
  • Conventional Design (drafting board)
  • Stress Analysis / Reports
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) COSMOS
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) NASTRAN time share
  • MATHCAD Programming
  • Static Module Testing
  • Strain Gage Installation, Instrumentation, and Testing
  • Flammability Testing
  • Evacuation Testing
  • Component Qualification and Testing
  • Weight and Balance Reports
  • Development of Technical Manuals
  • Generation of Process Specifications
  • Support Equipment / Machine Design and Fabrication


ST02714AT Interior passenger cabin seating arrangement in accordance with Cotney Aerospace, Inc. Master Data List. (737-300 Series)

SA00816AT Installation of a modification to the fuel transfer system. (A-765-Raytheon Aircraft Company- D18S)

ST00631AT Installation of a Galley. (Bombardier Inc. CL-600-2B16 [CL-601-3R])

ST02179AT Installation of Airshow 400 In-Flight Entertainment System.
(A21EA-Bombardier Inc. - CL600-2b16 [ CL-601-3A])

ST02576AT Configuration -001 installation of a Bendix-King KMH 880 Multi-Function Hazard Awareness (MFHA), certification. (A22CE- Cessna Aircraft Co. -560)

ST09604SC Installation of a modified aircraft interior. Approval limited to installation on Boeing 737-291.

Associate DER Services Avionics, Electrical and Systems


CAR3, CAR4b, Part 23 and Part 25 airplanes:

Detail Design and installation, Equipment qualification, Service Documents and Major Repairs for the following:
Air Conditioning, Hydraulics, Oxygen, Fire Protection, Detail Design and installation, Equipment qualification, Service Documents, Electrical Load Analysis.

Major Repairs for the following:
Electrical Equipment and systems, Electronic Equipment/Systems, Communications/systems/antenna's, automatic flight controls/augumentation, instruments, navigation systems/antennas, warning systems, interior/exterior lighting, flight data/voice recording, passenger address/entertainment, major repairs,


ST-01785AT   Installation of a Dual UNS-1C Nav. System-GPS, Dual Collins VHF 700A Comm. And a third Vertical Gyro. (A3WE  Boeing Co.  727 )

ST02030AT  Installation of additional recording parameters into existing Digital Flight Data Recorder. (4A25 DC-8 60/70 Series)

ST02336AT  Installation of additional recording parameters into existing Digital Flight Data Recorder. (Boeing 727-100 Series/ -200 Series)

ST02396AT  Installation of a 9 passenger interior configuration. Approved for serial number 257118 ONLY. (A3EU Raytheon Aircraft Co.  HS125 Series 700A)

ST03062AT  Installation of a single Sandel P/N: ST3400-001 Terrain Awareness and Warning System with Remote Magnetic Indicator (TAWS/RMI) in accordance with DC Aerospace Report MDL-2524, Rev. A. ( 6A6  Kelowna Flightcraft R & D Ltd. Convair 340/440)

ST00653DE  Latitude Technologies Corp. SkyNode SATCOM system in LearJet Model 31, 31A, 35, 35A, 36, & 36A airplanes.

ST02819AT  Descriptive data pertaining to this design change are considered inadequate for duplication in other products. This approval is limited to only the installation made in Bombardier Model CL-600-1A11 S/N: 1008. Installation of a passenger Supplemental Oxygen System.