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1. All WDARS work is documented digitally: Whether it is merely a replacement C of A or a full fledged aircraft transition, conformity inspection and maintenance check. This information is available to our customers staff on a secure internet server and only the staff of WDARS and our customer have access.

2. Any maintenance manuals, inspection programs bridging programs etc. are all accomplished digitally, whether our customer only wishes hard copy or digital.

3. Upon completion of our work each customer receives CDs or DVDs of the entire work package for their records.

4. Information retrieval of your project is instantaneous and at your finger tips at any point where you need to recover a record whether it be a non-routine record, material certs., AD accomplishment, alteration, major repair, or STC accomplishment. The entire record to include drawings and/or wiring diagrams etc.can be retrieved at the click of a "mouse button".